Rolling Cigars at The Graycliff Cigar Company – Nassau, Bahamas – On

Graycliff Cigar Company is the place to visit for handcrafted cigars in Nassau, Bahamas. Operations manager Maureen Gauntlet reveals how the company got started and the intricate steps involved in preparing and rolling the perfect cigar. Enrico Garzaroli founded the Graycliff Cigar Company as part of the Graycliff Resort, a historical and luxurious Bahamian getaway. As one of the largest wine collectors in the world, Garzaroli chose to pursue cigars as an accompaniment to his drink of choice. With the help of Avelino Lara, a master cigar roller from Cuba, Garzaroli has established a successful brand of products all made by hand. Each roller was picked by Garzaroli himself right from Cuba, all boasting 20 to 40 years of experience behind them. Watch cigar roller Alberto de-stem the two-year-old leaves that will become the flavorful outer layer, using water to keep them moist and manageable. Our host rolls the three key leaves for flavor, combustion and strength, adding one final wrapper for even more cigar essence. Lessons are offered at Graycliff too, meaning anyone can enjoy the cigar-making process and the final product.